Major Glitch at New Gambling Website

A new British Columbia casino website, after being launched, was forced to shut down shortly, after many gamblers placed bets using other people’s money. Blackjack, roulette and craps were the new games added to the site last week, according to the BC Lottery Corp. As dozens of virtual gamblers were playing the new games, the website closed it access doors quickly. Some players being logged on as others and an investigation is under way as to what caused the mix up.

According to BC Lotteries, accounts were switched due to the increased amount of people on the website, leading players to place bets with other players’ money. Some users were able to see others’ account balances and personal information because of this glitch. By this malfunction, close to 130 gamblers were affected and 12 cases are reported, where users viewed private personal information of others.
About the incident, all players were contacted and were told what had happened. From the time of the occurrence, staff members have been reviewing players’ winnings and losses and accordingly, they have corrected accounts. No signs of hacking were found and a third-party investigation was called.

In North America, is the first site that offered legal casino games. When with their roster of existing sports betting and lottery purchases, they included them last Thursday. Gambling on offshore websites, each year, British Columbians spend approximately $100 million. On, for play the casino type games that were available were to encourage gamblers to spend their money in British Columbia, so that the profits can be used by the government for education and health care.