The Main Terms Used in Online Slot Industry

The beginners often find the terms used in slots quite confusing. That’s why we’ll discuss the main elements of these online games and learn some terms that will help you understand everything.

The words you’ll come across

All slots have some basic terms like a line, bet per line, symbols, etc. It’s actually very simple once you get the general idea about the slot.

A line or a pay line is a chain of symbols across the reels. It can be straight, diagonal, zigzag, etc. Everything depends on the type of slot you play and the company that developed it. The next thing that comes with is bet per line. Every slot has a certain number of lines you can bet on. It usually varies from 1 to 200. As a result, there is a term bet per line. You decide how much you bet on one line and then pick the number of lines. You’ll get the total bet when you multiply these numbers. Many casinos offer free spins to help you learn the ropes. You can try here.

Finally, there are symbols. They can be regular like 10, J, Q, K, A or special. The latter ones depend on the theme of the slot. If it’s about Ancient Egypt, you’ll see scarabs, sarcophagi, etc. In case the theme is animals, you’ll see lions, giraffes, etc.

In addition, most modern slots have a Wild Symbol and A Scatter Symbol. The first one can substitute all symbols to help you get a winning combo. The Scatter brings free spins and extra rewards.