How to Play Keno

Many different ways of betting were invented over the years. To make it simple and clear we divided them into 6 types:

  • Straight Tickets,
  • Split Tickets,
  • Way Tickets,
  • Combination Tickets,
  • King Tickets,
  • Special Tickets

Straight Tickets

This is the basic and the most common ticket. There are no complications here. You simply mark your numbers and wait for the draw. Of course there are a few more things you need to know.
You have to decide how many spots you want to play. Most casinos, including web based gambling sites, allow you to choose 1 to 15 spots, and some even permit to choose 20, 32 or 40 numbers on a straight ticket. You will normally want to play 4 mark 8 numbers. Below 4 spots, your payoff isn’t worth the average 30% casino take. Look at some of the other possibilities, at 8 numbers; your odds are about 230, 115 to 1. If you mark 9 it jumps to 1. 38 million to 1, and at 15, your odds of hitting all of them is an unrealistic 428 BILLION to 1!

Your last decision is to determine how much to bet. Ordinary straight tickets are $1. 00, although some are 70 cents or lower. You can also play multiples of the base rates. For example, you could play a $1. 00 ticket for $4. 00, and your winnings will be multiplied by 4 times the $1. 00 payout rate.
One very important thing to notice when playing multiples of the base rate; the casino will not pay more than the aggregate limit on any one game. So if the aggregate limit is $50, 000, your payout will never exceed $50, 000, no matter how much you bet. Take that into consideration when deciding how much money to wager.

Split Tickets

A split ticket is simply 2 or more straight tickets played on the same physical ticket. Each logical ticket includes a group of numbers that are either circled, or separated by a line. Each game (group of numbers) must have it’s own unique numbers, and can not share numbers with any other group.
There is no advantage to a split ticket since you cannot use the same number more than once. It simply allows you to play two or more games on the same piece of paper. (The advantage might be said is that by joining the game you save paper and make it a friendly to environment game).

Way Tickets

The payouts on way tickets are the same as playing the same games in multiple tickets and so there are only two reasons to play a way ticket.
The first is convenience. If it is more convenient for you to mark multiple games on a single ticket, a way ticket may be for you.
The second reason to play a way ticket is fractional rates. Some casinos will let you play for as little as 10 cents per way, instead of the usual $1. 00 you would have to play on a straight ticket, Thus, playing more games on the same amount of money.

Combination Tickets

Combination tickets provide the keno player the possibility to combine groups of straight bets on one ticket in various ways with the player betting one unit for each possible combination. Players can also combine straight bets and way bets on one ticket. The groups bet on a combination ticket should be marked clearly on the right hand side of the ticket.

King Tickets

A king ticket has one number that is circled by itself. This number is referred to as the King and can be used in combination with other groups of numbers on a ticket.
King tickets are marked similarly to way and split tickets with the number of combinations played and the amount wagered per group displayed on the right hand side of the ticket.

Special Tickets

These tickets are excellent online casino’s favorite, often offered by the casinos in order to promote their keno game.

A special ticket must be played in a certain way, decided before the game starts and pays off using a different pay schedule. This payout chart is usually marked on the special ticket itself. Special tickets usually offer slightly better deals than other keno tickets and are used to entice players. You still don’t understand why it is our favorite? Read on.

An example of a special ticket is the one called top and bottom. A player pays $5. 00 for this special ticket and chooses either the top 40 or the bottom 40 numbers on a card. If all twenty numbers drawn are in the section the player selected, they usually get paid around $100, 000. If none of the numbers drawn are located in the section the player selected they still receive around $100, 000. All other options are paid according to the special payout schedule. Simple and beautiful.