Don Johnson Made it Big: Won $6 Million

Reports suggests that Don Johnson, a blackjack player won $15 million from three casinos in Atlantic City, last April, including 4 million from Caesars, $5 million from the Borgata and $6 million in one night from the Tropicana. He was reportedly playing a hand of blackjack nearly every minute during his 12-hours at the Tropicana.

Don Johnson has smashed the House and racked up a huge fortune from his good luck. This is something what many in the gambling world have dreamed. In just five months, the professional gambler won a mighty $15 million dollars in Atlantic City. However, despite his big win he lives in the same house he did before the success.

Johnson did admit to The Atlantic that did have some favorable conditions. He said he played fairly and squarely but with casinos offering him 20 per cent discount helped him on his losses and some slightly more favorable house rules to help him break the bank. Nevertheless, ultimately Johnson reflected that a group of casinos actually had a huge setback because of one player for the first time in 30 years. He added that somebody had all the dots connected and came to conclusion that it must be one person.
Another report suggests that Johnson’s social life indeed has changed, even though his lifestyle at home has not. He has been hosting a birthday party in Las Vegas for Pamela Anderson and now seen partying with the likes of Charlie Sheen and Jon Bon Jovi.

Johnson went unnoticed as he reportedly played one hand of blackjack per minute. He was considered a newbie in Atlantic City. He while paying raised suspicion from surveillance cameras that he was counting or cheating cards. However, officials in Atlantic City investigated his streak and they concluded that he had beaten the casinos fair and square and was in no way cheating or counting cards. They said that he was well prepared and had studied the game well before setting foot in a casino.